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Unify data warehousing, integration, analytics & ML models by uncovering the complete potential of Azure Synapse with us


What can we do for you?

Strategic consulting
Harness the decluttered enterprise datasets in a centre of excellence (COE) to uncover business opportunities, bridge technology gaps, and gain actionable insights by implementing a comprehensive data strategy.  
Build a scalable, sustainable, and industry-specific data platform with the blend of low/no code Azure Synapse capabilities & engineering expertise for seamless data integration and analytics.
Digital transformation
Modernize your legacy data platform (MS SQL Server/Oracle/Informatica) to Azure Synapse and experience new horizons of sophisticated data warehousing, integration, AI & ML models.

Our platform expertise

Enterprise data warehouse

Unify all your business data from multiple touchpoints in Azure SQL Data warehouse & make it analytics-ready for end-users.

Data integrations

Connect all your business-critical data in a unified platform & stream it for analytics with Azure SSIS Runtime, Azure Data Flow Pipelines & Azure Databricks.

Data lake 

Make your enterprise data available for discovery, querying, visualization, ML modeling, and AI under one roof by setting up Azure data lake storage.


Unlock hidden business insights by integrating Azure Synapse Analytics with Power BI and Azure Cognitive Services. Gain access to prescriptive analytics, self-service capabilities, unstructured data analysis, sentiment analysis, and more. 

Success in numbers

Reduction in data elements with optimal data modeling
25 %
Number of data stores consolidated into COE
0 +
Reduction in data investments
0 %
Increase in data quality
0 %

Case studies

Unleash the business benefits of Azure Synapse Analytics with expert-led data strategies

Collaborate with us to establish a unified, advanced, and refined data model within the Azure Synapse Analytics platform.