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The only enterprise-ready G Suite to Microsoft 365 migration platform

Ensure business continuity & simplify your transition from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 with the world’s #1 enterprise-ready migration solution

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Seamlessly migrate emails and associated data from GSuite to Microsoft 365.   

My drive

Transfer personal drive files to Microsoft 365 without data loss. 

Shared drive

Migrate shared drive files and maintain collaboration settings during the transition. 

Google sites

Effectively transfer all your Google modern/classic sites to Microsoft 365. 

Users and permissions

Ensure a smooth transition by transferring user accounts and access rights. 


Transfer existing contacts seamlessly from GSuite to Microsoft 365. 


Migrate calendar events and maintain scheduling functionality during the transition. 

What can we do for you?

Detailed inventory assessment
Achieve streamlined migration leveraging our robust inventory capabilities. Assess data volume, groups & mailboxes with lengthy conversations & much more. 
Like-for-like experience
Unlock customization continuity in your Office 365 environment. Replicate all the customizations in Google Sites using SPFX and deploy custom gadgets as web parts in SharePoint.  
Incremental migration
Seamlessly track changes that happened during the migration. Retain all your business-critical data growth in Office 365 by performing an incremental migration. 
Secure migration
Ensure a safe & secure migration from G Suite to Office 365 with default source & target authentication methods. Achieve heightened security by harnessing the benefits of advanced cryptographic encryption & decryption.  
Extensive support
Fast forward your G Suite to Office 365 migration with best-in-class strategies and support. Get round-the-clock extensive support and make the move with confidence. 

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