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Generative AI on AWS

Build secure and scalable production ready Generative AI applications on top of AWS, making it customized for your data, your use cases, and your customers.

Stay at the forefront of generative AI innovation with our unparalleled AWS expertise

At zeb, we prioritize rock-solid security and enterprise-grade architecture in every Generative AI implementation. Leveraging AWS’s native generative AI services like Bedrock and SageMaker, we customize the latest models to fit your unique business needs while ensuring the safety and privacy of your enterprise data and customer information.
Our approach emphasizes the strategic use of SageMaker’s suite of ML tools and utlilzing large-language-model interaction through Bedrock and prompting techniques like retrieval-augmented generation, bringing unparalleled depth and breadth to your AI-driven initiatives. Whether you’re exploring AI’s potential for your business or managing existing AI infrastructure at scale, our team of AI industry experts with deep technical and vertical knowledge is ready to support you.

What can we do for you?

Strategic Consulting
Get expert guidance for seamless Generative AI integration into business processes with comprehensive support from assessment to implementation.
Proof-of-Concept & MVP
Conduct pilot/a-b testing to validate the effectiveness of your Generative AI solution, whether it's fine-tuning existing models or developing new ones from scratch.
Greenfield Development
Build Generative AI models on AWS from the ground up, utilizing proprietary data securely to streamline operations and deliver contextually accurate responses tailored to your business.
Digital Transformation
Drive transformative change in your business by harnessing Generative AI and historical data. Our experts use foundation models like Bedrock and SageMaker Jumpstart to accelerate the process, ensuring secure data transmission within your network.
Enterprise-ready Applications
Leverage our industry-specific expertise to build custom Generative AI solutions that target your unique business needs. We adhere to data protection and compliance standards to ensure the security of AI models built from your proprietary data.

Get started with our 2-week AI use case assessment

AI Use Case Assessment

Identify and prioritize core AI use cases, outlining technical approaches and implementation timelines to ensure strategic alignment with business goals and technical readiness.

Utilization of Pre-existing LLMs

Rapidly deploy generative AI applications by accessing a wide array of pre-existing models through Amazon Bedrock.


Customize LLMs or pre-existing models to meet your specific requirements by utilizing your unique datasets for personalized AI responses.

Custom Model Development

Develop bespoke models for highly specialized needs, securely leveraging your proprietary data to ensure that the solutions closely align with your business objectives.

Integrate generative AI into your business with AWS

Drive retail success with AI solutions tailored for operational efficiency, profitability, and elevated customer satisfaction.

Demand Forecasting

Predict demand, optimize inventory, and ensure timely product availability.

Dynamic Pricing

Maximize revenue by adjusting prices based on real-time market conditions and customer behavior.

Advanced Reporting Engine

Gain actionable insights to drive informed decision-making and business growth.

Inventory Optimization

Streamline management, reduce excess stock, and minimize stockouts for improved profitability.

Elevate service desk efficiency and user satisfaction with AI-driven workflow automation and self-service capabilities.

KB Article Summarization

Enhance efficiency with knowledge base article summarization for quick access to relevant information.

Advanced Product Search

Enhance customer satisfaction with faster and more accurate product discovery.

Automated Workflows

Streamline service desk operations with automated workflows to increase productivity.

Email Interception

Improve response time and accuracy by automatically categorizing customer emails.

Revolutionize your fintech operations with automated processes, accelerating efficiency, accuracy, and revenue generation.

Automated Underwriting

Accelerate loan approval processes with AI-powered assessment of risk factors and eligibility criteria.

Claims/invoice Processing

Expedite claims processing and invoice handling with AI-driven automation, reducing processing time and improving accuracy.

Dispute Resolution

Resolve disputes swiftly and fairly using dispute resolution algorithms, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

DSP AI Negotiator

Optimize deals and negotiations with dynamic pricing strategies for real-time revenue maximization.

Transform your logistics landscape with cutting-edge automation and data-driven insights, optimizing operations, sustainability, and customer retention.

Advanced Reporting Engine

Gain actionable logistics insights with AI-driven reporting, optimizing efficiency and cutting costs.

AI-enforced Sustainable Shipping

Drive eco-friendly logistics with AI-guided shipping practices and optimizations.

AI Shipper Retention

Enhance customer loyalty by analyzing shipping patterns and offering personalized service improvements.

Automated Carrier Match

Improve logistics efficiency with automated carrier matching based on cost, reliability, and other key factors.

Enhance patient care with AI-driven innovations, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, treatment personalization, and operational efficiency in healthcare delivery.

Clinical Decision Support

Augment clinical decision-making processes with AI-powered evidence-based recommendations and alerts to healthcare providers.

Medical Imaging Analysis

Enhance diagnostic accuracy and speed with AI medical imaging, aiding healthcare professionals in identifying potential risks.

Predictive Analytics

Anticipate patient health outcomes and trends using predictive analytics for proactive interventions and personalized treatment plans.

Administrative Task Automation

Enhance operational efficiency by automating administrative tasks such as appointment scheduling, billing, and patient record management.