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A Comprehensive Ransomware Guide – Keeping your Data Safe from Cybercriminals

Reading time: 8 min(s)

Table of Content

1. Introduction
2. What is ransomware?
3. Ransomware by history
4. Ransomware by numbers
5. Types of ransomwares
6. Ransomware arena and the real players
7. How does ransomware work?
8. Ransomware from different lenses – an attacker and the victims
9. Best practices to prevent ransomware
10. Responding to a ransomware attack
11. True cost of ransomware
12. Protecting your business from ransomware
13. The final word!

“There are only two types of companies in the world. Companies that are already hacked and the ones that will be hacked!”

Over the past few years, Ransomware has only evolved and become more sophisticated, targeting various organizations across the globe. When there is a massive increase in Ransomware footprints, there is also a tremendous increase in ransom demands too. With modern malware and highly cutting-edge encryption, these cybercriminals make their way into your systems, steal the data, and demand ransom for releasing it.

And what happens when we deny paying the ransom or opt for recovering the data through backup?

Well, you got to be very cautious about this!

“Cybercriminals might either release your confidential data publicly or sell it to third parties!”

To defend against this malicious attack, you must first understand what Ransomware is and how it works!

This guide will help you understand everything you need to know about ransomware, how ransomware works, how to stay vigilant against this, explore the tactics for prevention and discover the best practices for effective response.

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