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How we achieved 40% reduction in leasing application maintenance cost with application modernization

Our client is a leading rent-to-own service provider based out of the US. The client offers leasing services for key items like furniture, appliances, and electronics. They render services through online/offline storefronts. They have around 2000+ offline storefronts across the country.  


Reduction in maintenance cost

76 days/year

Saved on the operational overhead


Improved user satisfaction

Marketing campaign and lead enhancement for a retail client


Retail & Supply Chain


Application Modernization

Tech Stack

Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate, Amazon ECR, ALB (Application load balancer), Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, AWS Lambda, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon RDS, AWS Secrets Manager, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3, AWS Certificate Manager, AWS VPN, Amazon CloudWatch, Databricks, Snowflake

In this success story, we helped Rent-A-Center(RAC) with the Application Modernization solution. Our expert team transformed the client’s legacy application infrastructure to microservices and cloud platforms.

The best part is that we could slash their maintenance efforts, cost, and resources with a minimal development timeframe.

Get to know the client & their business challenges!

Rent-A-Center is the leading American company helps its customers with rent-to-own service for key items like furniture, appliances, and electronics. They have implemented a leasing application to serve their customers with rent-to-own service for both online/offline stores.

Client team wanted to modernize their leasing application from on-premises infrastructure to cloud platforms. They could not scale at a faster pace with flexible data load in legacy data platforms.

With the on-prem application infrastructure, they could not plan frequent deployments or upgrades as there was third-party vendor intervention.

So, they were in search of a dynamic environment that can auto-scale with fluctuating user traffic.

Our solution to the client with the Application Modernization service!

Zeb team scrutinized the legacy leasing application with monolithic infrastructure. We offered the best possible modular architecture to enhance the user experience of the rent-to-own application.

Tech Stack

AWS Fargate

Amazon Elastic Container Registry

AWS Application Load Balancer

Amazon Simple Notification Service

Amazon SQS

AWS Lambda

Amazon EventBridge

Amazon Relational Database Service

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon Simple Storage Service

AWS Certificate Manager


Amazon CloudWatch



  • Zeb proposed the client to migrate their leasing application from on-premises infrastructure to microservices and cloud platforms.
  • Client team maintained their user and information datasets within on-prem databases. We suggested and migrated the legacy database to PostgreSQL.
  • Our experts modernized the leasing application with serverless compute architecture using AWS Lambda & Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate to address the scalability issues.
  • To ease their future deployment process, our DevOps experts offered GitLab solutions for source code management with customized CI/CD pipelines.
  • We developed the terraform template that helps our client redeploy the infrastructure in the case of critical situations or downtime.
  • Our team integrated Amazon CloudWatch to monitor and deliver insights on the leasing application metrics. This helps admin groups to resolve the issues proactively and ensure business continuity.
  • Further, we have implemented best security practices to reduce their overhead IT management and financial losses.
  • Right from leasing applications’ data platforms to application infrastructure, we have modernized everything to suit client’s user traffic and loads.

Business gains for the client

  • Our client experienced a 40% reduction in efforts and maintenance costs of the leasing application.
  • With the cloud-native infrastructure, the client had flexible scalability and pricing model.
  • The application delivered an intuitive user experience with cutting-edge cloud services on its backbone.
  • They had no more hassles of maintaining on-premises servers and resources with performance tuning, remedial, and other DBA activities.

We can take up the hectic modernization part for you!

Zeb experts can shift on-premises & legacy applications to modern infrastructure to suit your business needs. With customized microservice strategies, your applications could outperform in the marketplace to cater to your user needs.

Do you strive to modernize your legacy application infrastructure? What are you waiting for?

Zeb team is on its wings to assess and help you modernize to the best possible infrastructure for your applications!

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